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Impact Authority is a distinguished public relations and communications agency, acclaimed for expertise in media placements, personal branding, and marketing strategies. Serving elite entrepreneurs, influencers, and established businesses, we enhance their media profile, build robust brand credibility, and support business enhancement.


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WHY Impact Authority?

Our Time Together Will Reveal: How You Can

Learn from the successes of influential figures such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Kylie Jenner on how PR can be your secret weapon. Gain insights into ‘skipping the line’ for immediate advantages from press coverage.

Address profit losses in marketing with PR solutions that plug the gaps effectively, enhancing the effectiveness of your ads and content strategies.

Find out how to quickly establish a powerful legacy with guidance on getting featured in top media outlets like Forbes and Bloomberg, accelerating your journey to becoming a market leader.

Boost Your Marketing ROI with Strategic Press Coverage

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Our Clients Gain Recognition in the Most Prestigious Global Publications

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How Can Permanent Media Placements Transform Your Brand?

Picture the benefits of using enduring media coverage and publications to educate, inform, and enhance your business strategy.

Removing yourself as your own biggest bottleneck, so you can position your brand one step ahead of your industry.

Eliminate self-imposed limitations to propel your brand ahead of the competition. Step aside from being your own obstacle to advance your brand in the industry.

Stop being your own barrier and move your brand forward in the market. Clear your self-imposed hurdles to place your brand at the forefront of your industry. Remove yourself as the main impediment to elevating your brand above industry norms.

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Leveraging the '7 PR Pillars'
for Your Success

If you find yourself resonating with the business owners and influencers in our recent reviews…

We get it—time is of the essence, and trials can be costly.

At Impact Authority, we focus on delivering you credible, industry-leading exposure with safeguarded guarantees to protect your finances if the media placements fall through.

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Our seven pillars are designed to adapt to each client's specific needs in PR.

This flexible, bite-sized strategy lets you progress at your own pace, increasing your public presence on your own terms.

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Impact Authority - Arjun Dhingra

Arjun Dhingra


“I connected with Impact Authority to do a full-fledged PR campaign for me, and they completely exceeded my expectations, they got me featured in several amazing publications such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Business, and even membership in the Forbes Council. They really over-delivered, and several articles were great exposure pieces for me. Now I have a very strong and great media kit. I will highly recommend these guys to anybody. Highly recommended and highly appreciated.”

Impact Authority - Featured On
Impact Authority - Justin Cao

Justin Cao


“I want to give a big shoutout to Impact Authority. They helped me to get featured on Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, International Business Time (Singapore), and a bunch of amazing news outlets, so my experience has been amazing. They over-delivered what they promised, and also, the team has been excellent.”

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Impact Authority - Jeff Eiben

Jeff Eiben


“I recently authored a book in regard to our methodology and to promote that, I worked with Impact Authority who did a fantastic job of getting me publicity across some pretty high-end publications as well as some spots on TV. I was ultimately able to convey what we do, and how it works and promote my book. I am not typically a self-promoter or leverage self social media but Impact Authority helped with the whole process. I highly recommend them. Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss it further but Impact Authority did an awesome job for me and I thank them for that.”

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Impact Authority - Zeroed-In Consulting

Zeroed-In Consulting


“As we started our PR journey, we didn’t really know where to start. So coming across Impact Authority was great. They did a great job of helping us select a package of reasonably priced but high-impact publications and where we had some concerns about finding the right publications for our business being a bit more specialized. They did a great job of overdelivering and getting us on publications such as Yahoo Finance, and Bloomberg. Thank you so much for helping us along the way and giving us a great PR experience, we would highly recommend it.”

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The Key to Thriving in the New Economy

Capitalize on Attention— Your Most Valuable Asset

Forget traditional metrics of business size or market share; in the 'New Economy', attention is what counts.

The ability to garner attention determines who thrives and who fades away.

It’s about crafting a compelling brand narrative that earns credibility and stirs desire, leading to unparalleled profits.

The top players in any industry understand that effective PR is not just beneficial but essential, fueling their ongoing success and market expansion.

Make sure your brand's voice is the one that resonates, securing the breakthrough that propels you forward without looking back.

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Case Studies From
Our Best Clients

Impact Authority - Arjun Dhingra

Arjun Dhingra: Mortgage and Real Estate Consultant

Impact Authority - Walid Chaya

Walid Chaya: Award-Winning Director & Actor

Impact Authority - Justin Cao

Justin Cao: Successful Amazon FBA Mentor

Impact Authority - Henry Calix

Henry Calix: A Flourishing Entrepreneur.

Impact Authority - Patrick Parker

Patrick Parker: Tech Executive turned founder of SaaS Partners

Impact Authority - Tom Caravela

Tom Caravela: Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Expert

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Behind Impact Authority PR

Impact Authority specialize in crafting PR strategies that elevate your profile and enhance your credibility through strategic media placements. Our experienced team has successfully managed PR campaigns for more than 1,000 clients, securing spots in major publications like Nasdaq, Business Insider, and International Business Times. Our services range from securing contributor spots to arranging compelling TV interviews, all tailored to expand your reach and amplify your message effectively.

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To Lead Your Industry?

Who Is This Not For?

Who Is This Not For?

Tom Caravela: Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our network includes hundreds of prestigious publications, including leading names like Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo News, and Bloomberg, as well as numerous mid-tier outlets.
Our primary clients include entrepreneurs and executives eager to enhance their brand presence. Nonetheless, anyone interested in maintaining relevance in today’s fast-paced media landscape will find our offer valuable.
By establishing your credibility and earning trust in your industry, you gain access to opportunities that lead to success. Our approach positions you to capitalize on your reputation, enabling you to charge premium rates. In today’s market, the importance of reputation is paramount.
Our approach is entirely personalized. We craft a media dominance plan that’s specifically designed for you, focusing on your unique requirements. We take command of your narrative, ensuring media placements at significantly lower costs. Our swift execution and rapid delivery are unmatched, and we practice what we preach—having successfully applied these strategies to our own business. Let us do the same for you!
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