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Impact Authority specialize in providing a range of dynamic and impactful services to elevate your brand and expand your reach. With a keen focus on innovation and excellence, we tailor our offerings to suit your unique needs and objectives.

Ensure Your Spot in the Light

Media Placements

Our extensive network of links with journalists, writers, and editors at over 300 major media sources enables us to effectively promote our customers. Over the years, our clients have been featured in some of the world’s most prestigious magazines. They have built strong personal brands and are strategically positioned as industry leaders. So, whether you need a full-feature on Forbes or press features to be verified on social media, we’ve got it covered.

Your Wikipedia Presence

Wikipedia Page Creation

Wikipedia is one of the world’s most popular websites, and it occupies valuable real estate on Google’s search results page, consistently appearing in the top five search results for any given topic. Almost every famous brand in the world has a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is also a catalyst for Google knowledge panel production. Consider the credibility, publicity, and authority you would get if you were in Wikipedia. Our Wikipedia specialists are competent in creating permanent Wikipedia pages.

Unleash Your Voice on Popular Platforms.

Contributor Spots

We’ve cracked the code and figured out the precise tactics that work to get contributor jobs on some of the top sites in the world after months of testing. We are able to take someone who has zero authority and publish them in prominent magazines such as Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and more. We accomplish this by methodically expanding their writing portfolio, placing them in several smaller publications, and then using that exposure to make pitching offers to the larger ones.

Unlocking Google Knowledge Panels

Google Knowledge Panel Creation

When you search for “Bill Gates” or “Nike” on Google, have you ever noticed the panel that appears on the right side of the results page? We refer to that as the Google Knowledge Panel. That coveted panel is only available to the world’s most renowned companies and individuals. If all your clients had to do was Google your name and a panel would appear on the right side, just think of the enormous increase in authority and credibility that would result. We are able to make panels for our clients since our professionals have figured out the essential puzzle pieces that lead to panel production.

Crafting Your IMDb Legacy

IMDb Page Creation

Among the most well-known websites on the internet, IMDb is among the oldest. This location is solely designated for celebrities and well-known individuals in their respective fields, such as acting, directing, or music composition. We have become experts in creating IMDb pages throughout the years. Whether you’re an aspiring actress, singer, or just an expert in digital marketing, we can help you create a complete IMDb page. It will increase the credibility of your brand and ranks highly on Google.

Enhance Your Listing with Social Media Accreditation

Social Media Verification

Have you ever wanted to get that blue checkmark on Facebook or Instagram? Who hasn’t? The blue checkmark is more than just a tick. It symbolizes credibility, authority, and influence. Only the most well-known companies and influencers may acquire the coveted blue check mark. And once they have it, they discover that their firm grows to new heights. We may use our relationships at Facebook and Instagram to obtain accounts verified for our clients. However, you must first be eligible, which involves press.

From Idea to Published Authorship

Book Publishing

Being a published author can significantly effect your personal brand. Often, being a published author indicates that you are an expert authority in your field. For example, if you’re a digital marketing expert, publishing a book about digital marketing under your name will establish you as a thought leader in your field. You can use the published books to secure compensated speaking engagements, corporate consultancy positions, and much more. It can also help you close large contracts and increase corporate revenue. Our team can manage the entire process for you, from content creation to book publication.

Personal Brand Transformation

Personal Branding Strategy

Is your personal brand almost non-existent? Does no information about you appear when people Google your name? Do you find it difficult to close sales or build your business because people do not believe you are credible? That means you should create a personal brand for yourself. Our team of specialists can handle anything, from developing your unique brand strategy to executing and implementing it. We can transform you from an unknown to an influential figure in your business.

Elevate Your Brand Through Podcast Interviews

Podcast Interviews

Since 2008, the number of regular podcast listeners has doubled. Today, around one in every five adults in the United States listens to a podcast on a regular basis. Imagine becoming one of the many authors, coaches, consultants, bloggers, and even software entrepreneurs who appear on podcasts to generate buzz and raise awareness for their product or service. Getting interviewed on podcasts exposes you to hundreds, if not thousands, of listeners per podcast. Not a bad method to get your name out there, don’t you think? By using our wide network of connections with podcast hosts, we can get you booked on various podcasts to take your personal brand to the next level.

Elevate Your Brand Through Podcast Interviews

Speaking Gigs

Getting up close and personal is the only way to establish trust and connection with your target audience, and our links may help you acquire speaking engagements that provide the ideal opportunity to do so. While everything discussed above primarily benefits your brand, speaking engagements can also provide opportunity for personal development. Our staff will assist you in diversifying your skill set and establishing influence in your industry, potentially leading to new business prospects. Whether you want to deliver a TEDx lecture or speak at a business conference, our team has you prepared.

Safeguarding Your Image

Reputation Management

Whoever your target audience is, reputation management is an essential component of any business or personal brand. In today’s digital world, it is critical for a business or celebrity to understand what others are saying about them. Depending on their input, a firm or individual personality should take the necessary steps to defend their reputation. Our professionals ensure that your business’s integrity is maintained through the use of our carefully built Reputation Management Systems.

Step into the Limelight

TV Appearance

Even in this mobility-driven digital age, viewers continue to use the TV screen for the majority of their viewing, spending more time doing so than all other platforms combined. Imagine yourself on this television screen, in front of millions of people who are interested in what you have to say. These benefits of TV publicity are not cheap, but with our team at your disposal, you will obtain the best opportunities at the lowest prices. Instead of static images, this media uses visual and auditory cues to create movement. The same is true for online advertising, which does not yet have the same branding impact as traditional television advertising.